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Renapur® – the Leather-Balm

As the producer of high-quality leathercare, we present our products:

Renapur® ,, naturally the best for your leather!

Renapur® is the German equivalent to our  .

Since more than 19 years, both brands are synonyms for excellent quality.  

For shoes, clothing, suitcases, saddles,bags or even furniture.
Renapur® nourishes and waterproofs all kinds of smooth leather and restores
its natural softness and colour.

It is solvent-free, skin-friendly, biodegradable, can be used for all colours and it is infinitely durable.







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Here you can find another "life facilitating" product.


Renapur®  SYNTEX, the  SYNthetic TEXtile fibre.


"Sewing without a needle"

 A pleasure for everybody

You really have to test it by yourself!

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